How To Seduce A Woman with Words

how to seduce a woman with words

Building romantic chemistry can be difficult. Find out how to sweep her off her feet like you’ve always wanted. 

Ever wondered how men seduce women effectively? Believe it or not, seduction is an art that can be learned by anyone else as long as you know how to play your cards right. Yes, you’ve read that right. You don’t have to curl yourself up into a ball if you think you don’t have the stellar looks or fortune to get the girl of your dreams. Though some people may rely on their social status or good looks when it comes to picking up girls, you can definitely learn the tips and tricks of how to seduce a woman with words.

This is the right time to start having confidence about yourself that you can do it too! Though you won’t be getting the hang of it overnight, you can practice approaching women from time to time up until you get better with it. Forget about being scared or timid of seducing women—the result of your seduction depends on how well you understand women and what makes them turned on. Know the right buttons to push and you’d be surprised how much you’ve improved when it comes to the art of seduction.

Establish a Positive Connection

You may want to step out of your comfort zone if you want to be more open to the woman you are trying to seduce. If you want to receive more, you have to be willing to give more. If you are out on a date and something unexpected happens that is beyond your control, know how to handle the situation in a positive way. Making a fuss or throwing a fit should never be an option. Instead, try to have a friendly attitude to establish a positive connection that leads to attraction along the way.

In order to do this, you might want to get a hold of your temper, especially if you’re not good with meeting new people in a new environment. If someone bumped you way too hard or spilled something on your shirt, learn how to be the bigger man by not making a huge deal out of it. Go on and enjoy the night like what you’ve initially planned and forget about the small hiccups here and there.

Figure out how to send a positive vibe even if you were faced with a difficult situation. Keep in mind that women are always watching—they will always interpret your actions and words down to the very last detail. Exert effort in being friendly with strangers or anyone that you encounter to avoid worrying about your reputation. Take care of your image if you don’t want other people to backstab you without you knowing.

Be More Confident

It is important to keep your cool if you want your seduction technique to work effectively. As much as possible, you have to learn how to use your magic when seducing women with words and don’t get too excited when talking to them. Exude more confidence when approaching women to build a positive rapport and get the girl that you’ve been eyeing the whole night.

Doubting yourself wouldn’t be of any help. Instead, be calm, smile a lot and make eye contact while trying to talk to a girl. If you want everyone around you to feel genuine happiness, try to enjoy the moment, be happy and flirt all you want while you enjoy your time seducing.

Have the confidence that you’ll eventually work your charms through the night in order to send out a positive vibe across the room. There is no room for being timid or shy when it comes to seduction—it’s always the confident men who gets to go home with the girl at the end of the night.

Pay Close Attention to Details

If you really want to get this woman you are trying to seduce, you must pay attention to what she does and listen to what she says down to the last detail. Take hints if the woman is establishing eye contact while your converse of if she laughs at all your jokes no matter how dumb they are.

Keep the conversation going and maintain the momentum by taking mental notes on what makes her smile and what doesn’t. In case you started off at a wrong foot and she isn’t making eye contact while you speak, ask about her interests and link it with yours to be able establish a common ground. Don’t forget to look at her clothing and body language to get clues whether she doesn’t want to go home alone tonight or like to be left alone.

You should be able to notice dead giveaways whether the women you’re talking to is interested in you or not. If you think the woman is not willing to flirt back, you can always scan across the room and look for other women that are more worthy of your affection.

Make Her Feel Comfortable

You can ease your way up during the conversation by using playful banters that will make her smile and laugh. Using harmless banters will make her feel comfortable and lessen the awkwardness between the two of you. If she teases you back, take it as a good sign that she perceives you as someone who can take a hit just fine.

You don’t want to try too hard to impress the girl if you want to make her feel comfortable. Don’t be so formal and have a casual approach while you get to know each other better. Gain her trust, make her feel interested in you and add a touch of mystery in your personality to let her come wanting for more. Doing this will take your conversation to the next level.

Be Playful

It is important to learn how to take a hit if you want to seduce a woman with words. Flirting requires you to tease the other party while learning how to take a joke without being offended or hurt. Remember that women wouldn’t like to deal with people who love to tease but would get ticked off if they get teased back. If she said something amusing or funny, don’t hesitate to laugh with her while you maintain eye contact.

Tease her the right way and you’ll end up being teased back in a more flirty way. When this happens, you can now conclude that you have established a connection with her successfully and have made her feel comfortable. Don’t ruin the momentum and keep doing what you’re good to avoid ruining the mood.

Have fun while talking to her to be able to give her the same energy when talking with you. If you are bored to death, chances are she’ll get tired of talking to you and move on to the next table instead.

Be in Control

If you think the conversation isn’t going so well, try to change the subject to something that interests her. You have to make the woman happy and be attracted with your sense of humor if you want to get her attention. Don’t expect the woman to take control of the conversation. Remember that women like men who are able to take control of things including a simple conversation over a drink or two.

In case you have stumbled upon something that made her feel awkward or upset, try to lighten things up and shift the focus on something else. Remember that you are out for the night to be with someone that will take interest in being with you. Don’t let the conversation get too serious or emotional and steer clear of asking anything too personal. You are seducing a woman with words and not out to counsel someone of their issues.

Connect Emotionally

Once you get the ball rolling, now is the perfect time to connect emotionally. This is required if you want to be successful in seducing her, especially if you want to take things to the next level. You might want to be intimate by whispering her name in her ears and take it from there. This is where you can be braver in touching her in non-sensual parts to get her attention.

Of course, this includes making eye contact with a flirtatious smile. You can also try making small moves through casual physical contact like touching her hands while you grab a drink, make a toast or hand her drinks. If she does the same thing, then you are on the right path.

Connecting emotionally involves a lot of flirting and skinship. This is the stage where you can get physically touchy as long as the other party doesn’t stop you from doing so. If she likes being touched here and there, keep going up until she’s ready to go down to business.

Be Ready to Talk About Sex

Let’s face it. Seduction goes hand in hand with having sex with the person you’re trying to seduce. You want to put your best foot forward, make her happy and enjoy your company to have a private moment with her once you’re both done with drinking.

If you are seducing a woman with words, this goes without saying that you should be willing to talk about sex before you leave the place together. Being shy about sex will just turn women off, creating an awkward situation that no one would like to be in. If you can talk to a woman about sex, chances are she is also thinking about it up until she decides to do it with you.

That is why it is important to make her feel comfortable from the get-go to make it easier for her to think about you and her doing the deed. Once you think your charm is working, take advantage of the situation and just go lean over for a kiss. If she reciprocates the gesture, then you must have come into agreement that both of you will not be going home in separate ways.

Be Mysterious

Remember not to reveal your true intentions too soon to avoid activating her barriers. Work your way up until you make her feel secure with you and cap the night off like you’ve always wanted.

Don’t commit the mistake of being too obvious. Try to be more mysterious and send mixed signals that will keep her interested. Women don’t like men who are a total giveaway—most would like to crack your walls once they feel attracted to you. It doesn’t hurt to be unpredictable, keep things thrilling and let her believe that she is the one seducing you rather than the other way around.

 It is important to keep it mysterious while seducing a woman. If she kissed you back and ended up making out with you, this is the perfect time to take it somewhere private. In case she is too shy to ask you to come over to her place, you can take the initiative in asking her to go to your place or a nice hotel instead.

You should know by now that mystery and unpredictability are two of the most coveted qualities most women would like their men to have, especially when it comes to seduction. Remember not to tell every detail about you and keep some things private to spark her curiosity. You didn’t leave your house and go for a night out to talk about your crappy job or your annoying neighbors. This is your time to practice the art of seduction and go home with someone for a change.

Seducing a woman requires time and practice. It won’t always go your way and you may end up going home alone for quite some time. However, you’ll only get better at it once you’re out there. Meet new people, have fun and work your charm—there’s always the next day if things don’t come out as planned.

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