Tinder Pick Up Lines – 60 Of The Most Effective!

tinder pick up lines for him and her

Tinder Pick Up Lines: 60 Of The Most Effective!

To succeed on Tinder, you need to know how to grab someone’s attention right off the bat. Here are 60 of the most efficient Tinder pick up lines to get you started.

Tinder has been both a boon and a bane for the dating scene. Certainly, it has brought a lot of people closer, creating connections that would not have happened otherwise. At the same time, however, it also isn’t the most forgiving of platforms.

You barely get an opportunity to really show who you are. People will look at your profile and decide if they’re into you, and it’s as simple as that. You don’t get a lot of time to show off your best qualities and your greatest features.

Because of this, you need to make the most out of every opportunity. We’re not saying swipe right on everyone just to increase your chances. That’s a poor strategy, and a waste of time for all involved.

Instead, you want to be strategic about what you present and how you communicate while on the app. You have to work on a strong profile, and you want to use the right Tinder pick up lines.

Yes, we need to deal with getting the right openers if you want to get better results. Say someone matched with you; saying the wrong thing means your opportunity is lost and they’ll move on to someone else. Isn’t that just terrible?

It’s hard enough to get a match, so you don’t want to squander your chances. Make sure you get the right Tinder pick up lines to take it from a conversation to a real life date.

There are a few important guidelines for the best Tinder pick up lines. First of all, you don’t want to be too sexual, as this turns people off. Second, you want to be unique, not boring and bland. Finally, you want to be humorous but not corny.

Some of the pick up lines we have here can border on goofy, but that’s good. Sometimes, you want to be so off the charts it circles right back into funny territory. Throw them off with something unexpected and you’ve got a good chance.

Sometimes, all you want is to get a good enough chuckle from them, so they’ll at least write back. That’s all you really need. A good pick up line is like a foot in the door. If it fails, you can’t even get to the meat of conversations and you’ll never go on an actual date.

It’s not about being super witty or compelling. The goal is jut to get a bit of a reaction, so they don’t write you off immediately. Can you imagine opening with something as boring as “hey”? That’s the worst!

People get these wave gifs and emojis and short greetings all the time. You’re not the only one they matched with, so if you can’t do something better to get their attention, they’ll move on to someone else.

tinder pick up lines for girls

Here are 60 excellent sample pick up lines you can use to grab attention:

  1. “Is that pet in your profile a giant cat or a tiny dog? I might have to see it in person to figure it out.”
  2. “Maybe I should call 911, because your profile photo just took my breath away.”
  3. “I see you’ve set your phasers to stunning.”
  4. “Don’t tell me your name. I’ve decided to just call you mine.”
  5. “I’m about to call the Vatican, because a girl like you is a real miracle.”
  6. “Wanna meet up at a bar and watch drunk people do dumb things?”
  7. “I’m pretty new to Tinder and I’ve never matched before. Does this mean we’re getting married now?”
  8. “I’m working on a book and I need your help. It’s a phone book and I need your number to finish it. Seriously, my publisher’s gonna kill me.”
  9. “Roses are red, violets are blue, I’m not into flowers, and bad at poems, too.”
  10. “I had a good pickup line but got distracted when I saw you.”
  11. “Did we go to the same high school? Because I’m pretty sure we had Chemistry together.”
  12. “I’m not the religious type, but I think God just answered all my prayers.”
  13. “On a scale of 1 to America, how free are you tomorrow night?”
  14. “Are you a camera, because looking at you makes me smile.”
  15. “Has anyone ever told you that you’re like a Rubik’s cube? Because you’re a really tricky puzzle but I can’t seem to keep my hands off you.”
  16. “Are you sure your name’s not WiFi? Because I’m certainly feeling a connection.”
  17. “I forgot my pick up line, so do you mind if I borrow yours?”
  18. “I came here to drink beer and talk to cute girls, and I’m all about beer.”
  19. “I just want to let you know that I don’t put pineapple on pizza, and that means I’m a good person.”
  20. “I’m working part-time for Santa Claus and he’d like to know if you’re nice or naughty.”
  21. “Have you been to the doctor lately? Because you look like you need some vitamin Me.”
  22. “You’re being unfair. You make all the other girls on Tinder look bad.”
  23. “Have you got a spare heart, because I’m pretty sure you took mine.”
  24. “Have you ever had an ugly boyfriend? Would you like to have one?”
  25. “I hope you’ve got GPS, because I’m lost in your eyes.”
  26. “I feel like I have to put my sunglasses on, because you’re hotter than the sun.”
  27. “I’ve been looking for trouble, and it looks like I came to the right place.”
  28. “Is your dad a magician? Because no one is this beautiful without black magic.”
  29. “I love your shirt! Is it girlfriend/boyfriend material?”
  30. “I confess, I’m really bad at this. Can I just buy you a beer so you forget I suck at pick up lines?”
  31. “Congratulations, I think we both have excellent taste.”
  32. “I think you messed up my eyes, because I can’t look away from you.”
  33. “What’s a beautiful girl like you doing without my number? Here, I’ve got you covered.”
  34. “You know, I’m really bad with directions. Do you mind helping me find your apartment?”
  35. “I’ve got this really cool thing I can do with numbers, wanna see? Give me your number and I’ll do it.”
  36. “I’ve got ten thousand spoons and no one to spoon with. Want to come over?”
  37. “Have you got a calendar, because I need a date.”
  38. “My friends said there are no hot people on Tinder. Guess you’ve proven them all wrong.”
  39. “I was gonna say bless you, but I think God already did.”
  40. “I had a cheesy pick up line ready, but maybe we should just go get some cheese fondue.”
  41. “Have you heard of the Titanic? It’s an icebreaker. Hi, glad to match with you.”
  42. “I see you’re an introvert, too. How’d you like to sit together and not talk for hours?”
  43. “You should probably stay away from bears, because you’re as sweet as honey.”
  44. “You look really familiar. You look like my next girlfriend.”
  45. “I’m so glad you swiped right! I’ve had a crush on your since twenty minutes ago!”
  46. “The bad news is you’ve got radiation poisoning. Your skin is glowing!”
  47. “I don’t want to be that guy, but… I’ve got a puppy, and he’d like to meet you.”
  48. “Please, just tell me you don’t stand up and clap after the plane lands. That’s all I need.”
  49. “I’m sure you didn’t fall from heaven, because you don’t look banged up at all.”
  50. “I think I saw you at a friend’s party a couple weeks ago. Was that you?”
  51. “Do you need some aloe vera? Because you’re so hot you might burn yourself.”
  52. “Mimosas at brunch or a couple whiskeys at a bar? Your choice.”
  53. “Heaven must be missing an angel, because you’re right here. Seriously, I think I saw you on a missing poster.”
  54. “Oh my god, you drink water, too? We have so much in common.”
  55. “I swiped right because I think you’re awesome. Just the facts.”
  56. “Should we go for tacos or burgers tomorrow night? I’m buying.”
  57. “N’Sync vs Backstreet Boys — there can be only one.”
  58. “Who’s your favorite One Direction member, and why is it Harry?”
  59. “I feel like getting drunk and making terrible decisions. Are you in?”
  60. “I’m funnier than this in person. Wanna bet?”

tinder pick up lines for guys

Now that we’ve given you 60 of the best Tinder pick up lines, it is time to talk about delivery. What’s the best way to make sure that these lines actually work to your benefit?

Clearly, anyone can use these lines, but they aren’t guaranteed to work for just anyone. There’s a certain level of commitment to getting these lines across and making sure that your efforts pay off.

To make the most of these pick up lines, remember to follow the tips present below.

It’s all in the delivery. If you are confident, you can pull off anything. Sure, Tinder is all text, so how does confidence help you there?

There’s a certain way we signal emotions through text. That can mean the use of emojis, or certain texting patterns like over-using the ellipsis.

People who are trying to play coy will send multiple short messages with a lot of pauses (hence the ellipsis) and emojis. When you receive a message like that, what vibe do you get? Certainly, it’s not one of confidence.

Be charming and genuine. Resist the temptation and do not play games. The thing about pick up lines is that some people find them cliche. they may even assume that you’re some cheesy pick up artist looking to play mind games.

When you deliver these lines, make sure to be sincere and friendly in your approach. Do not try to be suave. This is especially true for the cheesier lines. If you play it straight and all serious, no one will be attracted to you.

Delivering a cheesy line that you know is cheesy? Now that’s golden!

Make these lines yours. These lines are great, but it’s even better if you can add a personal spin. Don’t think of these as hard and fast rules for conversations. You need to inject your personality into them for them to work.

Add some flair, inject your own goofy humor, and make sure that your personality comes across. You’re the one looking to date, so you have to be front and center, even when it comes to pick up lines.

Remember that people want to see the real you, and that the main goal of these lines is just to open up the channel of communication. If you can’t maintain that level of sincerity, it won’t work out.

More importantly, remember the golden rule of Tinder. Even if it’s a popular app used largely for hooking up, it doesn’t mean you have to be rude or gross to people. Treat people in the way that you would in real life.

Don’t get too eager or aggressive too soon, and make sure you maintain a level of respect, as you would in real life. Tinder may feel like it’s not entirely real sometimes, because you’re seeing words on a screen and a couple pictures.

Behind every profile is a person, however, and you want to make sure that you're still maintaining decorum and a level of appropriate kindness. It's the best way to get a date, beyond all of these tips and tricks for Tinder success.

Finally, if you’re really tired of pick up lines, just be forward. This person swiped right on you, so you matched. You already have a leg up on the competition. They saw your profile and liked you. That’s a good thing!

Remember that when you get a chance to talk to them. If you want, there’s really no reason to go with chat up lines. Just tell them what you want, up front. Ask them out for drinks, or invite them to coffee.

Be direct and eliminate the unnecessary games that sometimes seem to plague Tinder. Sometimes, simple works best.

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