How To Get A Girl To Send Nudes

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How to Get a Girl To Send Nudes

The biggest conundrum of modern romance: how to get a girl to send nudes?

The first rule of asking for nudes is, to be honest, you don’t. Women don’t like needy men, especially the whiny ones who can’t go a day without asking for a nude picture. It’s desperate, it’s pathetic, and — honestly — guaranteed unsuccessful.

The last thing a woman wants is to get non-stop requests for nude pictures. First of all, it can come off real creepy if you’re too forward, especially if you barely know her. More importantly, your neediness could end up turning her off completely.

You’re not getting any nudes, and you’ll probably get ghosted, too.

That being said, it’s not an impossible task. The key to getting a girl to send you her nude photos is to understand the dynamics involved and figure out her motivations. You’re not only one titillated in this exchange — a girl won’t send you racy pictures out of the goodness of her heart.

So, how to get a girl to send nudes? We know exactly how, and we’re ready to tell you.

It helps to realign your mindset before you proceed. Take every conventional thing you know about sex, relationships, and gender stereotypes and throw them out the window. We’re diving deep.

how to get a girl to send nudes

Build your foundation: start with sexting.

Here’s the thing: not all women are created equal. That’s pretty obvious, to be honest, but it bears repeating. A lot of men make the mistake of just generalizing women, and are all the poorer for it.

Some women are ready to send sexy pictures of herself without much fanfare, while others require a little bit more work.

To be safe, you shouldn’t send the signal if she’s not at least ready to sext. It’s a good way to test the waters, so to speak.

Being in a sexual relationship isn’t automatic guarantee that your girl will be up for sending nudes. There are a lot of reasons why a woman may not be comfortable with racy photos, and she might not be down for it even if you’re already in an intimate relationship.

Sexting is your gateway here, as it brings intimacy from the bedroom to the phone. It also makes it a lot easier to transition from sexting to half-naked pictures, to straight up nudes.

At the very least, it paves the way to making things a lot more comfortable for the both of you, and upping the ante will come in good time.

Don’t ask for nudes directly.

Nothing — and we mean, nothing — is more unattractive than a guy begging for nudes.

She’s not going to be impressed. She’s not going to enjoy the whining and wheedling. If she’s polite, she’ll get so uncomfortable that her only option is to ghost you. If she’s a bit sassier, you’ll probably get told off.

Nobody wants that. So how to get a girl to send nudes without getting yelled at or ghosted?

Straight up asking for her nude pics is definitely not the answer, especially not if the relationship is in its early stages. It’s creepy and a real turn off.

It doesn’t matter how you couch your words — you can be super polite, super nice, or even super aggressive — none of these strategies can get you the pictures you want. When you come right out and ask for nude photos, you’ll get shut down almost immediately.

If you’re in an intimate relationship and sending hot pictures to each other is a regular occurrence, you might just get away with it once or twice. After all, it’s already routine and there’s a strong relationship behind the exchange of nudes.

Otherwise, though, avoid directly asking for nudes — we simply can’t repeat this enough.

Understand that some women just aren’t into nudes.

Women have preferences — what a shocker.

Some women enjoy taking nude pictures and sending them to their beaus. Others, though, simply cannot fathom the thought.

The key here is to figure out what your girl is into. In any sexual relationship, understanding what your partner likes and doesn’t like is definitely crucial. It’s a real give and take, obviously, and if you’re oblivious to what she’s into, there’s no way this will prosper.

If your girl gets off on taking racy pictures of yourself, good for you. That being said, a woman who simply isn’t into this shouldn’t be pressured into doing something she doesn’t want. Respecting someone’s boundaries is super hot, and definitely key to establishing better connections with women.

Learn to read her cues and you’ll be able to establish a better rapport. Communicating better means she’ll also learn what you’re into. if she’s a fan of nude pics, you’ll definitely find a couple in your inbox soon.

Don’t be vulgar.

Talking dirty isn't entirely out of the question, especially in adult relationships. In fact, it can be considered a cornerstone for many. We even prefaced this entire thing by talking about the importance of sexting.

That being said, there's a difference between being dirty and being vulgar. Vulgar is unacceptable, and can make any woman feel completely objectified. It’s crass, it's disgusting, and it's the fastest way to get a woman to walk away from you.

What counts as vulgar? Sending unwanted dick pics is definitely up there. Dicks aren't exactly fun to look at, and no woman wants to be surprised with one in their inbox.

Sending her messages telling her to show you her “tits” or talking about nudity in a juvenile way — definitely a turn off.

Make her feel safe and secure.

The thing about sharing racy pictures is that even if a woman is willing, there's always the issue of security.

Phone hacking is a real problem, as we’ve seen with celebrities who had their intimate photos stolen and shared around the world. That’s not even counting the shameless boys who like to share their lovers’ photos with their friends — the digital equivalent of kiss and tell.

As such, it’s unsurprising that women have become a lot more wary of who they share their photos with. You never know when some disgruntled ex might put up your intimate pictures on some website.

If you want her to be comfortable sharing her nude pics with you, the first thing you have to do is to make her feel like she can trust you. You don’t have to make grand promises. Just be discreet in how you conduct your affairs and she’ll be able to see what sort of person you are.

Get her into the mood.

Diving straight in can be a real challenge, especially if she’s not in the mood. You want to at least get her motor running so you can both be open to sharing intimate pictures.

It’s not easy to do, especially if she’s had a long day at work and she’s just not in that mindset. Work your way up slowly and get her back into the groove by reminding her of the best sexy times you’ve shared.

Shared intimacy is a very good way to start things up, and it helps if you go slow. Being too aggressive will put undue pressure on her and make things complicated. Instead, you want to start out with a compliment, and tell her that you can’t stop thinking about her.

That’s a real mood-changer, and can get her interested in what you have to say. Talk about the good times you’ve shared and how you keep getting distracted throughout the day by thoughts of her and the sexy times you’ve had in bed together.

When she’s feeling good and ready, you’ll be sexting and sending each other nude pictures in no time.

Make her feel super hot.

Some man-children have taken to using “negging” as a means to get girls, but that’s a piss poor technique. A woman who knows her worth won’t send you nudes to try and “change” your mind. She’ll move on to someone more appreciative, most definitely.

Instead, it works better if you can make her feel super hot. Let her know just how attractive she is to you. There’s no need to lie or be fake if you’re really into her.

Text her a compliment when she puts up a pretty hot picture on Instagram. In fact, if she sends you a hot selfie (bonus if she’s at least partially dressed), don’t let that opportunity go by. Make sure you respond immediately and let her know how she’s affecting you — physically.

Follow her clues.

Women aren’t meek, submissive beings with no sex drive. They’re just as horny as men, if not hornier at times.

Given that, some women will try to drop hints to let you know that they’re in the mood for dirty talk and sexting. She’ll talk about how hot it is at home and tell you what she’s wearing — a good old standby for anyone looking to drop hints.

Your job here is to be astute. If she tells you she’s half-naked because of the heat, don’t drone on about the weather! Don’t be dense and pick up what she’s giving you. It’s your chance to take things to the next level.

Be appreciative whenever she sends you nudes.

If a girl sends you nudes, the last thing you want is to act all cold and aloof. That’s a surefire way to make her never want to send you hot pictures ever again.

You’re basically dumping cold water on her when you ignore her like this. It’s a shot to the ego, and no woman wants that. She took a chance, took a racy picture, and sent it to you. Ignoring her means you don’t find her hot, and it’s every girl’s worst nightmare.

There’s no need to fawn over her. Being fake won’t get you anywhere because she can definitely tell if you’re being insincere. Instead, make sure to text back your appreciation — as soon as possible.

Now that we’ve taught you how to get a girl to send nudes, here’s a bonus trove of information that’ll up your game.

Have you ever wondered why women send nudes? As we’ve established earlier, they’re not just being generous.

Women aren’t asexual beings — they get horny just as much as men. When you discount their sex drives, you ignore the psychology behind nude pictures.

They get as much satisfaction from sharing their hot photos with you — this isn’t a charity deal where she takes the photos only because she feels bad for you. When you know why she likes taking nude photos, you can then use the information to make her more amenable to sharing them with you.

So, here are some of the reasons why girls enjoy taking and sharing nude photos:

She’s feeling really cute today. Taking selfies is a real self-esteem game. Some days, you know you look really good and you have to take a photo to document it. If you’re feeling sexy, that most likely means half-naked or straight up nude pictures.

She gets off on showing off. When people talk about exhibitionism, they tend to think of the old men in large coats who harass teen girls. Truth is, exhibitionism isn’t always the illegal (and creepy) kind.

When she takes nude pics and shares them with you, that simply means she wants to show off what she’s got. She’s not taking them for you, to be honest. You’re just the lucky audience.

She wants you to know you’re special. Not every guy gets nudes from her, and sending them to you means you’re a cut above the rest. Sharing nudes is a very intimate act, and for women, this can be a sign that she sees you differently.

It’s a reminder to appreciate what you have. Maybe some actress caught your eye, maybe she noticed you checking out another girl while you were out clubbing. Either way, your girl is sending you a pretty strong signal that she’s right here and you’ve got no business wandering when you already have someone like her.

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