How to Tease a Man You Like

how to tease a guy you like

It’s not the destination that counts, but the journey. The same thing is true for relationships — you want to keep things sexy every single step of the way. The right method will get your guy hot and bothered, so read on and find out how to tease a man you like.

A lot of women seem to think teasing is tricky and reserved for the quintessential femme fatale. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Teasing isn’t some newfangled invention designed by millennials — it has been a significantly powerful tool for women over the ages. Social restrictions forced women to flirt and show their intent in a much subtler manner, hence the need for teasing.

Some girls already know what to do instinctively. They know how to keep a guy interested with just a coy smile and light touching.

What about the shy girls, though? Are they doomed to a lifetime of awkward interactions with the opposite sex?

Although it’s true that shyness can be a barrier, anyone can get over this obstacle and become much better at teasing and flirting. You don’t have to adopt a fake persona just to get what you want.

Employ these tactics and learn how to tease a man you like. The results might just surprise you.

Figure out your own motive.

Teasing does not mean leading a guy on. You do not want to be the person who plays mind games and thinks it is fun to leave a guy hanging just for laughs.

Before you try anything at all, figure out where you want to be in terms of intimacy. Are you ready for something more sexual, or do you just want to test the waters and see if a guy is into you?

Take time to fully decide what you want to achieve through teasing. This will help you gauge the right approach and send the correct signals to the guy you’re interested in. It also helps eliminate misunderstandings and awkward situations down the line.

Take his personality into account.

It helps to remember that there is no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to romantic relationships. What works for one guy won’t necessarily work for another.

Instead, you want to take some time to get to know your guy first before you make any moves. Being too hasty can leave you unprepared for the actual teasing process.

See, some guys like playful banter and flirty innuendo. Others find this childish and immature. You need to figure out what sort of teasing will work with your guy in order to be successful.

Know when to toe the line.

Teasing is meant to be playful. It commonly involves banter and jokes. That being said, you need to know where to draw the line unless you want to accidentally insult your guy and torpedo the entire relationship before it even starts.

The golden rule of teasing: avoid any jokes that can demean or humiliate. Your friends might be cool with your weird humor, but this is neither the time nor place to make insulting jokes. Men are proud, and hurtful comments — even when told in a joking manner — can seriously damage their ego.

Go with gentle teasing, instead. Rib him about his favorite sports team or about his favorite TV show — you’ll also earn bonus points for having shared interests.

Pay attention and give him compliments.

Men can be prideful creatures, and playing to his ego always works out well. There’s really no better aphrodisiac than showering him with attention. Give him your full focus when you’re together, laugh at his jokes, and bring up details he previously shared so he knows you actually remember.

Compliment him, especially on attributes that actually matter to him. Is he a gym aficionado? Talk about his physique and ask about his routine. Is he a musician? Ask to hear his work or attend his gigs.

There are many ways to flirt, and one of your options is to show that you’re actually interested in him as a person, not as just a temporary fling.

Be physically playful.

Teasing isn’t limited to witty wordplay and funny banter — touch is a very big component of this social skill.

Before you proceed: remember that a certain level of intimacy is required before you do anything physical. Even if you’re not going in a sexual direction (yet), you have to be sure that he’s okay with touching and physical interactions.

Tickling, pinching, and whispering — these are all great options if you’re just starting to test the waters. You’re being playful and there is a hint of more to come, but without going overboard and pushing towards a direction that you might not yet be ready for.

Let your body do the talking.

Body language is very important, and you have to remember that guys are very, very visual. They are keen on reading your signals and will look to your body language to guide them.

Smiling is the easiest way to show that you’re interested in interacting with him. When talking, make sure that your body is pointed towards his to express interest. Stand close and lean in — simple but easy way to let him know you’re into him.

You don’t want to cross your arms together or look away while he’s talking to you. These are signals that show disinterest and will make him scared to pursue anything with you.

Maintain strong eye contact, bite your lip, and make sure to touch him lightly all throughout your interaction. We’re not saying wrap your arms around him full on — we’re still in the “subtle” phase, right? Lightly touch his arm when he makes you laugh, or brush against him when you reach for your drink.

Show off a little.

Here’s the thing: men are aroused visually. The things they see can really get them going, and it doesn’t even have to be much.

You don’t have to parade around in your skimpy underwear to get him interested. In fact, just a flash of skin in an unexpected setting can go a long way.

It’s not a new tactic, by the way. The famous geisha of Japan would leave part of their nape bare and without makeup to tease the men they entertain — a flash of unsullied skin that promises more underneath their thick and heavy kimonos.

Take a page from the geisha and show off your nape by tying up your hair right in front of him. Bend over while wearing a skirt. Flash some leg!

Exude confidence.

To be successful at teasing a guy, you want to exude confidence! You can prepare all the witty lines you want — none of them will succeed if you deliver them with the personality of shrinking violet.

As we’ve already mentioned, body language gets half the job done. If you cower or you’re too scared to look him in the eye, this relationship will never prosper.

So how do you get confident? Ignore the demands of societal pressure — do not succumb to the images you see in magazines. It also helps to do positive affirmations every morning and before you go to sleep at night.

Try to gain confidence from your guy’s response, too. If he’s showing interest, take this as a sort of “boost” to motivate you to take the flirting a step further.

Get down and dirty — through text.

You might have noticed we’re slowly working our way to hotter and more straightforward teasing. As with most things romantic, you want to take things slow and read the signals. Before you pursue anything more serious, it is always a good idea to feel things out first.

So… texting: how do you get him hot and heavy with just messages?

It takes timing and content — two things that are very valuable if you want to hit him where it matters.

Set yourself apart by texting him in the middle of the day or during that lull in the afternoon. More importantly, your text needs to be naughty enough to catch his attention.

Think of it this way: he’s busy, he’s working, and then he gets a hot text that completely diverts his attention — to you.

Mind you, make sure not to cross into vulgar and crass territory! You want to be suggestive and seductive, not boorish.

Trigger his dirty mind.

So you guys can only meet up for lunch, and there’s not enough time to really get things going. Rev up his engine by making sexy suggestions right before you part ways and he’ll be thinking about you for the rest of the day.

By the time you get back together at night, he’ll be ready for action.

The good news is that men are susceptible to sexual imagery. Even just you eating chocolate sexily can get that ball rolling. Make the best of that window of opportunity!

Talk about what you’re wearing — or aren’t.

We’ve already talked about how men can fall susceptible to suggestive messages. They can get turned on rather easily by dirty talk, no matter how subtle.

You can apply the same tactic by employing your wardrobe this time. Nothing is sexier than a woman showing a peek of her risqué lingerie underneath her stiff business attire.

This tactic is best applied when you’re both in a public place and no sexual activity is possible. It gets him interested and he starts to want more, but he can’t do anything. When he does get you alone, sparks will definitely fly.

Be bold in public.

This is a major step to take, and requires real confidence to pull off. You also need to be sure that he’s into you before you start pulling out all the stops.

This works really, really well if you’re known for your “good girl” ways. He won’t be expecting anything raunchy from you, especially in public. Once you do something completely unexpected, he’ll be undone!

Ask him out to lunch and start playing footsie under the table. Don’t go overboard, of course. You don’t want to get thrown out of your favorite brunch place, do you?

Remember that we’re still talking about teasing. The entire point of this exercise is to rev up his engine without completing the journey. This is a preview of better things to come, and should be enough to get you both excited without doing anything explicit.

Put your hand on his upper thigh or stand a little too close to him while in a crowded elevator. There are many ways to use your body to tease him, and you ought to make sure you take every available opportunity.

Teasing is definitely a great method, and it can be employed no matter where you are in the intimacy scale. If you’re still testing the waters, you can go with gentle teasing and subtle flirting techniques.

If you’re sure you want more, there are a lot more options available. Naughty exchanges through text or suggestive glances can go a long way. This is why it’s very important that you exude the right signals and full confidence in every step.

Finally, if you’re already in a relationship. you can still employ teasing as a means to keep things hot, hot, hot between the two of you. Just because you’re already a couple doesn’t mean you have to be fall into a boring rut.

Get him excited for sexy times at night through suggestive messaging early in the day. Get his engine running with light touches, naughty whispers, and unconsummated physical intimacy.

Teasing helps you build up the sexual tension, and your relationship will definitely benefit from this increased intimacy. The last thing you want is to establish a sad routine that destroys the romantic excitement you had when your relationship was just starting out.

The key here is to know what you want out of the entire exercise. Make sure to get your own goals straight first, before you start applying the lessons you’ve learned here. Only by doing so can you make the most out of these teasing techniques.

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