Sexy Texts for Her — To Drive Her Wild

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Sexy Texts for Her — To Drive Her Wild

Texting is an integral part of dating these days, but only if you know how to wield it. Figure out the right sexy texts for her and she’ll be crazy for you in no time.

Here’s the thing: calling is passé. It’s done. It’s something you’d do to catch up with your nana, not your significant other.

Texting, on the other hand, is the perfect vessel. Think of it this way: you have time to reflect, edit, and perfect the sexy message before you hit send. Your nerves won’t mess up your game because you have enough time to think things through before the message is delivered.

But texting does require a certain level of etiquette. You need to know how to play the game if you’re going to win. Without these rules, you’ll likely end up turning your girl off and it would be a total waste.

So, before diving into the best sexy texts for her, we’ve got to go over the basics.

Texting 101
Navigating dating in this smartphone age is a real challenge, especially since you don’t want to send the wrong message — pun intended.

See, you want to let her know that you’re interested, but you don’t want to be a stalker who overwhelms her with 20 texts a day. How often should you text? What should you send? That’s the real challenge here.

First things first: don’t text too much.

See, texting non-stop isn’t cute, especially in the early days of dating. Just because you like a person, doesn’t mean you have to message them constantly.

It can be a real bother, and can be a burden to the person you’re texting all the time. Remember that real life means everyone has work to do, errands to run, and just personal things to take care of. Constantly texting them becomes annoying after some time and can turn them off.

Don’t whine about them not replying.

We get it — not getting a response can be a real blow to your ego. But it helps to remember that real people aren’t constantly tied to their phones.

Some jobs won’t even let people use their phones while on the clock. Imagine how annoying it would be to get out of a shift to find 20 whiny text messages? Not cool.

It makes you look entitled and clingy — two things that can drive a girl away. It exerts undue pressure and raises a ton of red flag. Don’t be surprised if she ends things between the two of you pronto.

Follow a schedule.

They call them “check-ins” — basically you keep in touch and set a sort of schedule that’s respectful of your girl’s time but still offers a connection. For example, text her good morning every day just to establish a routine.

Your message may be short and sweet, but it definitely gets her interested and makes you part of her day. She’ll eventually come to expect your good morning texts, and that’s exactly what you want.

Remember to text her a sweet good night, too, to end the day the right way. So, you become part of her everyday life, but you’re not a burden and you don’t push her to the point of annoyance. That’s key to harnessing the power of texting in the early days of a relationship.

Be flirty, but not dirty — yet.

Setting clear intentions is a very important point in dating. You don’t want her to think that you just want to be friends! If you keep sending good morning texts like you’re her ordinary pal, she’ll never see you as a romantic prospect.

So, make sure to let her know that you’re interested by sending flirty texts. Compliment her, tell her you miss her — these are all great ways to show that you’re interested in something more than friendship.

Please — don’t send dick pics! Nude pictures are unwarranted and can turn off any woman, especially when the relationship is still fresh. Let the relationship progress naturally, and dirtier texts can be sent — with consent — eventually. Sexting will come — all in good time.

Use emojis.

Okay, hear us out. Emojis are significant to messaging because they add levity. The trouble with text is that you don’t see facial expressions or hear tones. As such it can be easy to get into misunderstandings.

Adding the right emoji can clarify your intention, and can add a touch of emotion to your plain text message.

Don’t play mind games.

If you go online, a lot of these relationship “gurus” will tell you to not respond to a girl’s text immediately. They say wait three days before you send a text back.

That’s dumb! A girl worth her salt won’t stand for mind games with a player. She’ll move on and find someone worth her time. If you like her, let her know. There’s no point wasting everyone’s time here.

Texting is tricky, but as long as you follow these rules, you’ll be golden. All you have to do is remember that there’s a person on the other side of that screen, and that you have to proceed with clear intent, respect, and just the right amount of flirting to get the job done.

So, ready to find out the best sexy texts for her? Drive her wild with these sexy messages that travel the line between sweet and naughty.

One of the worst things you can do is to make her feel like you only want her for sex. That’s part of a romantic relationship, true, but if your opening salvo is straight up dirty, it can turn her off.

The best sexy texts for her traverse that fine line between romantic and naughty, so she gets your message and knows exactly what you mean but without you appearing too crass and classless.

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Here are some texts you can try.

“I’m swamped at work but I can’t stop thinking about you.” Now that’s hot — subtext, that is. See, it’s not outright naughty, and it doesn’t use any dirty words, but it’s sexy.

Most women are familiar with the controversial booty call. Horny men call or text in the middle of the night, and a lot of women are already wary of this common tactic.

Texting in the middle of a workday, however, is a lot sexier. You’re thinking of her in a setting where you’re supposed to be professional, and who knows how distracted you’re getting? Let her fill in the blanks and figure out just what thoughts of her are doing to your body.

“Wanna come over tonight? I can’t promise I’ll be good.” Still straddling that line between dirty and sweet — you’re asking her on a date and offering a good time, with hints of a possibly sexy evening.

There’s nothing quite sexier than a man who knows what he wants. You’re straight up giving her a preview of what you have to offer, and if she’s into you, it’ll definitely be a turn on.

“What’s your dirtiest secret?” Timing is key with this particular text. Late at night, while texting about regular stuff, throw this little gem in to mix things up. You might have to build up to it a little, just to get her into the mood, but it’s definitely a great way to open the conversation and get into a sexier discussion.

It’s a simple enough question that if she’s not ready for it, she can easily deflect with a joke. Of course, it helps to be open to her cues. If she sidesteps the question, you know that you can go back to a flirty but less naughty discussion.

If she responds with a really naughty reply, then you know you’ve got a shot and it’s a good time to play up your risqué side.

“This is what you’re missing right now.” Send a topless selfie with this text and she’ll get the message right away.

A lot of guys go straight to the dick pics, but there’s a time and place for everything. When teasing your girl, all you need to send is a half-nude picture that shows her what you have to offer.

It also encourages her to send a sexy picture right back, so that’s a win.

“I can’t get last night out of my head.” A little text to relive the hot night you two shared? Go ahead. It’s a great way to start her day and let her feel a little more appreciated.

If you want to be a little more graphic, take the shot. After all, you already know she’s into you. Some sexy talk the morning after isn’t taboo and might even get her to smile as she’s getting ready for the day.

“I have plans for you tonight.” This is the corollary to the earlier text, for when you are anticipating a hot date for the night. Take note that this only works if you’re already on a much more sexual relationship, as this is the sort of thing you shouldn’t text if you’re still in the early stages.

Giving her a preview of what you have to offer will have her on her toes for the rest of the day, wondering what sort of things you’re going to do to her body that night. As her anticipation builds up, the night becomes a lot hotter for the both of you.

“I love it when you …” This is a lot more personal, so make sure to mention something that you’ve done together in the past. Was there a particularly hot move she performed? Let her know that you simply can’t forget and that the very thought of it turns you on.

What does this achieve? First of all, it lets her know that you appreciate her. Second, it makes her feel like a sex goddess to know that her moves have really made a mark and you get hot just by remembering.

Every girl wants to feel like she’s magic, and when you make sure to let her know just how smitten you are, it’s the fastest way to get into her heart.

“What are you wearing?” Yeah, this one’s an oldie but a goodie — for good reason! It’s a great opener, and can be a good way to test the waters. When you’re not yet entirely sure that she’s into talking dirty, a slightly naughty text can pave the way.

Of course, it helps to be very intuitive when using these tentative lines. You want to be sexy and provocative, but if she tries to divert your attention and steer the conversation elsewhere, remember to let her take the lead.

“I can’t wait to pin you against the wall and kiss you when you get here.” A bit rough and dramatic, but sometimes it gets the job done. A text this sexy lets her know exactly what you’re thinking, and it is graphic enough to get her engine going.

The good thing about this text is that if she’s up for it, she’ll text back something similar and you can go into sexting. A great way to build up anticipation for meeting up later in the day.

“You’re good with your hands.” This one is double entendre at its finest, since it can be totally innocuous or extremely dirty, depending on the context. Save this one for when she’s talking about something else, like work or crafts.

Dropping a bomb like that is sexy and funny at the same time, and humor is really one of the best ways to a woman’s heart. if you can make her laugh and arouse her at the same time, why not?

“I want you. Now.” Nothing like a straight up message like that to show that you’re sexy, you’re horny, and you’re taking charge. Women don’t like to play games, and a man who is direct and fearless exudes power.

No more beating around the bush, and you’ll show her exactly what you want in less than five words. That’s a text message that is sure to send a tingle down her spine and you’ve got her exactly where you want her. Now that’s what we call effective.

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