How To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work: 11 Tips

how to make a long distance relationship work

When it comes to long distance relationships, a lot of people would rather give up than put in the effort. It’s understandable; the distance can be a real tough challenge for lovers. But all is not lost! Read on to find out how to make a long distance relationship work.

First things first: we have to acknowledge that it’s not going to be a cake walk. Regular relationships are already challenging on their own; adding distance and lack of physical contact can obviously make things a lot more complicated.

A video call clearly isn’t the same as cuddling after a long day at work, but this doesn’t mean that all long distance relationships are doomed. It just means you’ll have to make a bit more effort, if you really want things to work out.

Success here requires compromise, adjustments, understanding, and commitment. Ready to know how to make a long distance relationship work? Let’s get started.

  1. Be honest about your relationship status.

The very first step in succeeding is to make sure you’re on the same page. Are you fully committed to each other in this relationship, with plans to walk down the aisle later on? That’s completely different from having a much more open dating situation.

The key here is to know where you stand with each other, so you can properly tailor your time apart and know what to expect as far as commitment is concerned.

  • 2. Figure out a schedule.

It’s very important to keep in touch, especially since this will be all you have for the duration of your physical separation. Set up a time that is convenient for both of you. The structure can help strengthen the foundation of your relationship, even when you are apart.

  • 3. Manage your expectations.

It’s true that you have to be more attentive and sensitive to your partner’s needs when you’re apart, but this doesn’t mean that they’re obligated to bend over backwards just to make you happy. The secret when it comes to how to make a long distance relationship work is to be engaged but not overbearing.

Keep your expectations in check so you’re not overly needy or clingy towards your partner.

  • 4. Don’t be an attention hog.

We get it: you miss your loved one. However, it’s completely inappropriate to take over their every waking hour. Like everyone else, they have duties and hobbies to attend to. Don’t expect people to drop everything every time you call.

Learn to give them (and yourself) some space. This is the hallmark of a healthy relationship built on love and trust.

  • 5. Get creative when spending time together.

Video calls are useful, but they can get boring over time. Spice things up by enjoying new things together, like going on a hike and taking them with you virtually. Take them out on a walk (all you need is a selfie stick), watch Netflix together, or play them some music. Be innovative!

  • 6. Don’t be afraid to get frisky with your texts.

You might not be able to get physical for some time, but that doesn’t mean you both have to suffer through a lack of intimacy. When it comes to long distance relationship activities, sexy texts is one of the best options. It’s discreet, and you can keep it up anytime of the day without anyone noticing.

Want to get naughty? Send a risque text in the middle of the day and get your partner all hot and bothered in the office. It’s a provocative move to easily spice up your long distance love.

  • 7. Be sensitive to your loved one’s feelings.

When spending time apart for long stretches of time, it can be easy to feel insecure and afraid. After all, loneliness can erode loyalty if you’re not careful. To avoid fights and misunderstandings, learn to be more respectful of your partner’s feelings. If they’re uncomfortable with you going clubbing with your single friends, try to minimize these events or at least be upfront if you really have to go to such gatherings.

  • 8. Learn to respect boundaries.

Just because you’re apart, doesn’t mean you get to dictate every action your partner undertakes. Sure, it can be very challenging especially with the realization that loneliness can push the other party to stray, but that is no excuse for overstepping boundaries.

You want to know how to make a long distance relationship work? Learn how to set up healthy boundaries enforced with love, respect, and understanding. You don’t get to stifle your loved one just because you want to feel more secure in your relationship.

  • 9. Make every visit count.

It’s agonizing to spend time away from each other, but just think of how incredible it will be when you finally get to embrace each other again! Even the smallest touch can feel magical after some time apart.

Schedule regular visits to each other whenever feasible, and make sure to spend as much time together as you can. It’s a lot more romantic after you’ve been separate for a while, so be ready to be electrified with every reunion.

  • 10. Set a long-term goal.

By now, you know how to make a long distance relationship work thanks to the tips shared above. However, this has to be a temporary situation if your goal as a couple is to commit to each other for life.

What sort of future are you envisioning with your loved one? Are you on the same page in so far as the future is concerned? Map out a timeline together and settle on a common goal so that your efforts are not for naught.

  • 11. Learn to appreciate your time alone.

There’s no denying the fact that it’s wonderful to spend time with your beloved. However, there’s no reason why you can’t be happy on your own from time to time! You’re a well-rounded person, and it’s not healthy to let your schedule revolve solely around someone else’s availability.

Take this opportunity to explore new experiences, try out new hobbies, and to see how you can grow as person. This development can only improve your relationship with others in the long run.

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