No Matches On Tinder? Here’s How To Fix Your Profile

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No Matches On Tinder? Here’s How To Fix Your Profile

You’ve done everything in your power to create an attractive profile but still have no matches on Tinder. What are you doing wrong?

These days, there’s simply no way to escape online dating.

Sure, you can go the old-fashioned route and ask out only the people within your immediate network. Unfortunately, that means you have a much smaller pool to choose from, and your chances of finding someone becomes much slimmer.

Online dating is the future, and if you’re serious about finding a romantic partner, it’s something you cannot avoid.

Let’s start with the good news. Online dating apps like Tinder let you connect with more people, more quickly. You can see people who really are putting themselves out there, telling you that they are — like you — seeking a connection.

You are able to signify your intent faster, too. There’s no need for coy smiles and break room chitchat. All you have to do is swipe right, and the other person will know that you’re interested.

That speed, unfortunately, is also the downside of Tinder. You only have a few seconds to capture someone’s interest before they swipe left and leave your life forever. That’s very little room to make your mark!

Unsurprisingly, a lot of people get disheartened when they get no matches on Tinder.

Here’s the thing: Tinder isn’t as easy and simple as you assume it is. Just like in real life, you need to know what to do in order to proceed with the best foot forward. It is like the elevator pitch, but with an even shorter time frame.

If you have no matches on Tinder, don’t give up. It doesn’t mean you’re unlovable. It just means your profile needs a bit more work.

Yes, your profile is crucial to Tinder success. Imagine this: you could be the smartest, funniest, most good-looking person in the universe, but if your profile has a grainy group photo and your “About Me” section is blank, no one is going to give you a chance on the dating app.

So, what’s a person to do in order to succeed?

We’re here to help you fix your profile. We’ll figure out what went wrong, and where you can improve in order to gain more matches on Tinder or any other dating site.

Mistake: your profile photo is a group photo.

As we’ve mentioned multiple times, people only give these profiles a few seconds of interest before they make a decision. A group photo means they’ll have to stare at the picture, try to figure out which one you are, and then maybe see if they’re interested.

It’s annoying, and some people swipe left on principle.

The goal is to put yourself front and center. If you really like how you look in a particular group shot, see if you can crop it in a way that only you are visible in it.

Mistake: your profile photo is not you.

So, somebody once told you that people respond best to pictures of cute animals. That’s true, but that isn’t going to help you here. No wonder you’re getting no matches on Tinder.

People like to think Tinder is fake and shallow, but the truth is that honesty goes a long way on dating apps. If you’re not showing the real you right off the bat — in the profile photo, to boot — people will swipe left and find someone who will.

Mistake: your profile photo is too bland.

Remember: elevator pitch. We’re using every available aspect of the profile to communicate who you are to a potential romantic interest.

Your photo isn’t just a picture of you. You’re not just showing people what you look like. It helps, definitely, but that shouldn’t be the only goal of your photo.

Instead, that one profile photo should communicate who you are immediately. It’s not as complicated as you think.

Are you a frequent traveler? Then your profile photo should reflect that. Use a fun picture of you standing on the Great Wall of China. Love cooking? Your picture should be of you in your kitchen, trying to perfect a recipe.

Mistake: your profile photo communicates the wrong message.

So, you’re wondering why you’re getting no matches on Tinder. The very simple answer lies in the message you’re sending with your photo.

It’s one thing to have a bland profile picture that’s just you sitting in your friend’s living room. You don’t want to have a photo that sends out the wrong message about you.

Mirror selfies in some seedy bar’s bathroom? That says a whole lot more than you think it does. Nothing but shirtless gym selfies all day? We all want to show off our best assets, but these photos can rub people the wrong way.

Think about what your picture is saying. Is it sending out the vibe you want to give off? Are you presenting a cavalier personality when what you want is a real long-term relationship? This is a crucial question to consider when working on your profile.

Mistake: your profile photo contains your ex.

Yikes! Talk about a terrible decision. Some people play it off by blocking out their ex’s face, but does that ever really work? The answer is a resounding no.

Any references to your ex should be avoided in your profile photo. It’s the sort of baggage that people don’t want when they’re looking for someone to date. Nobody wants to be the rebound!

Mistake: your photo is clearly hiding something.

Photoshop, filters — these magic tricks can be a dating app’s worst nightmare. How do you know what a person is supposed to really look like underneath all those modifications?

There’s also the classic selfie that’s angled in such a specific way so as to hide certain details. Of course, you want to look attractive, but using these techniques to dupe people into assuming certain things about your physical qualities is a very bad move.

Besides, most people are already quite familiar with these strategies, so they can backfire quickly, leading them to swipe left ASAP.

Mistake: your bio is blank.

Oh dear, what a waste! As Wayne Gretzky once said, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Having a blank bio is a missed opportunity that could spell the difference between swiping right and swiping left.

A good bio can be the deciding factor. Sure, you’ve got a cool photo up, but if you don’t add a little more information about yourself, it can turn the other person off and get them to swipe left instead of right.

Mistake: your bio is rude and off-putting.

Nobody wants to date an obnoxious person, so why would you want to put out that sort of vibe into the Tinder universe?

Some people think acting like a prat and being rude in their profile is a good way to get noticed. There’s no such thing as bad publicity, these people think — except there totally is!

Acting like you’re too good for everyone else on Tinder is the sort of play clueless people make. It’s not going to do your love life any good.

Mistake: your bio is way too bitter.

Again, with the references to the ex — definitely not a good idea! The last thing you want is to come off as bitter. If you haven’t moved on, the only thing you can really do is to not put that sort of baggage on anyone else. It’s the polite thing to do.

Now if your first instinct is to talk poorly about your last relationship, maybe reconsider getting on Tinder in the first place.

The same thing is true for people who have not been in any relationships, or perhaps struck out  on previous dating attempts. If you talk about how people suck and don’t know enough to appreciate you, you’ll end up driving people away.

No one gets on Tinder to play therapist.

Mistake: your bio is dishonest.

Sure, you think no one will notice. However, omitting information can sometimes have a more glaring effect. It’s not what you say — it’s what you don’t want to talk about that piques people’s attention.

You’re cagey about the information most people offer freely on dating apps, like occupation, for example. If you use words like “self-made entrepreneur,” people will wonder if that’s a code for not having a steady paycheck.

Mistake: you’re not upfront about what you want.

No one has time for coyness on Tinder! The fact that someone signed up, already means that they want to make a connection. Why act shy about what you want from this experience?

It is better to be straight about the kind of relationship you’re looking for. There’s nothing wrong with wanting hookups only. That’s fine, as long as you’re upfront about it.

That way, people will know what the expectations are and will respond accordingly. The last thing you want is to get matched with people who want something different from you.

Mistake: your bio is a novel.

Keep it short but informative. Truth be told, just apply the golden rule here. What sort of profile bio will get your attention?

Is something longer than two paragraphs realistically something you’d give the time to read? If not, why would you even think about writing a bio that long?

You want to offer as much information as you can in the shortest number of words possible. Offer the basics: an interesting opening statement, some information about your hobbies, occupation, and preferences. Add an invitation to message you and you’re good.

Mistake: your bio lacks personality.

What profile bio is most enticing? Don’t go for the tired old jokes and gimmicky profiles. These are boring, off-putting, and people have seen them a thousand times. You’re not being original, and you’re turning people off.

It’s tempting, of course, to try and find examples of Tinder profile bios that appeal to you. This is especially true if you’re nervous about making a great first impression. the problem is that you lose that genuine touch when you try to be someone else.

Instead, you want to figure out your own voice. How would you write to a friend? The tone and the general approach to the bio should be reflective of your real personality. It becomes a lot more genuine and therefore more inviting when you write using your voice.

Mistake: your bio is way too sexual.

Yes, we think you need to be upfront about what you want. However, you still want to retain a modicum of acceptability in what you post.

Talking about sex in highly graphic terms isn’t sexy — it makes you sound like a teenager with no self-control. There is a way to present your sexuality without making it extremely overt. Finding that balance is crucial to communicating the right message on your bio.

If you’re guilty of any of the aforementioned mistakes, it’s time to rethink your profile. This isn’t a knock against you. For all we know, you’re an excellent person that anyone would be lucky to date.

The problem is that encapsulating that excellence in a short Tinder bio isn’t easy. You need to really think about the message you’re sending and what vibe you’re putting out there if you want to get more matches from a dating app.

Of course, there’s another tip to consider: your swiping statistics!

Aside from perfecting your Tinder bio, you also want to think about your actions on the app. Are you swiping right too much, or too little? Some people think that swiping right for everyone is the key to getting more matches, but it’s a poor strategy.

You’re wasting these people’s time, and you’re wasting yours. It also reeks of desperation, and can backfire spectacularly.

On the flip side, you also don’t want to be extremely picky to the point that you barely swipe right. You’re limiting your opportunities severely and missing out on  people who could be great for you.

The key to Tinder success is honesty. You want to be genuine and truthful, not just to the people on the app, but also to yourself. Recognize what you really want to get out of Tinder and proceed accordingly.

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