How To Get Laid On Tinder – 10 Tips For Success

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How To Get Laid On Tinder

Some people say they’re on Tinder just to meet new people, while others talk about finding love. Neither reason is bad, and if that’s what you want from this app, that’s perfectly fine.

Let’s be real, though, Tinder isn’t known as hookup central for nothing. It’s a great way to find like-minded people who are looking for something casual. Why not make the most of what the app has to offer, right?

There’s really no reason to be embarrassed. People use Tinder in a variety of ways and for a myriad reasons. Hooking up is a completely valid reason to utilize the app, so stop trying to keep it on the down low.

Now of course the burning question is: how successful are you so far?

Dating isn’t easy, be it in person or through an app. Even if you’re looking for something casual, finding someone who wants the same thing is always a challenge.

You’re here because you want to know how to get laid on Tinder, and the good news is that we can help. Sure, the final result is still in your hands, but we can at least help you stack the deck and improve your chances.

Ready to find out how to get laid on Tinder? Read on.

Pick the right profile photo.

bad male tinder profile picIt all starts with a picture. Be honest: the profile photo really is the first thing that catches your eye when you’re on an app like Tinder. You don’t check the bio first; the profile photo is where it’s at.

There’s nothing shallow about checking out someone’s physical features on a dating app, especially if you’re looking to get laid. It would be a lie to say you only date people for their personality. Attraction is attraction, and you really don’t have to go through all these mental contortions and lie to yourself.

So, that means you have to pick the best possible profile photo, too, if you want to attract people. Don’t use a picture with potato quality if you want to get laid at some point!

The best profile photo is one that shows your best features. Pick one that has good lighting and clearly shows your face. Don’t even think about using one that has several of your friends. This is a profile photo, not a police lineup.

You also should never ever use a photo with you and your ex. Even if you blank out your ex’s face, it’s still a little too obvious and leaves a bad taste in the mouth. People can infer a lot from one photo, so make sure you don’t send the wrong signal.

Choose a photo that represents you best. If you’re a very adventurous person, why not use a photo of you on top of a mountain after a gruelling hike? Pick a photo of you at a wine tasting event if that’s your hobby. Let the picture say a thousand words.

Finally, don’t go for the hackneyed photos. Gym selfies and mirror selfies are passé. People hate them and associate them with negative emotions and values. You are better off picking a picture that presents a genuine side of you.

Don’t leave your bio blank.

bad tinder biosYou want to know how to get laid on Tinder? Don’t leave your profile bio blank!

Sure, it’s all about attraction and no one wants to be too serious about their casual hookups. Even so, you don’t want to jump into bed with a person who has core values completely opposite yours. That’s just weird and probably not what you’re looking for.

People will still need to and want to know what type of person you are. Leaving the bio blank means you’re letting them decide, and you lose that opportunity to present yourself to the world, or at least Tinder.

You don’t have to write a short story on your profile. Just make sure you highlight the things you think are important. Mention your job, let people know about your hobbies, and just introduce yourself the way you would on a real, non-digital date.

It also helps to not be too generic with your bio. A lot of people pick up jokes and quirky profile bios from other people or from advice websites. The problem is that if you’re not original, chances are people have seen the same joke elsewhere and they’re sick of it.

That reflects poorly on you. Instead, just go for a short and sweet introduction that is genuine and informative.

Be upfront about your goals.

You won’t get the results you want if you don’t state your intentions up front. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to hookup. If you want to know how to get laid on Tinder, it’s easy. Just say so.

In your profile bio, make sure to let people know what you want and what you’re looking for. This is so you don’t waste each other’s time. There’s no use matching up with someone who wants to date long-term if all you want is a casual connection.

Again, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. It is better to be honest and direct. You want to be sure that you’re on the same page before you proceed, otherwise you’ll just both be disappointed.

Be selective when swiping, but not too picky.

Some people think that their best bet for success is to just go with everyone they see. They just swipe right for all profiles. This is a very poor strategy.

That “more chances of winning” mentality might work for the lottery, but on a dating app like Tinder, doing so will only waste your time. Let’s say you swiped right on someone you’re not really attracted to. Will you be able to maintain a conversation and sustain interest when you aren’t really that into it? Certainly you’ll find it a troublesome chore, and drop the ball at some point.

Make sure to be selective with your swiping, but at the same time, you don’t want to be too picky. There’s no reason to swipe left on everyone who doesn’t match your lofty standards. Keep it realistic and make good matches.

Send a message as soon as you match.

best tinder bios guide

This is not the time to be playing mind games. If you want to get laid, you have to pounce on your matches right away and get talking. Why wait them out? Remember that there are a lot of users on Tinder, and you’re very likely not the only one who got matched to a specific person. If you don’t take your shot, you lose it.

As soon as you are notified of a match, send a message. Some people might think that looks like a desperate move, but sending a message is the most basic thing you can do to at least get things moving in the right direction. It doesn’t mean you’re desperate; it just means you’re efficient.

You’re making the most of every opportunity, and there’s nothing wrong with that! If you opt to wait it out, there’s a very good chance that someone else will swoop in and you lose your chance. What a waste.

Move on if you don’t get a response.

If you send a message and don’t get a reply, don’t despair. You gave it a shot, and sometimes things don’t work out. Don’t get hung up on a specific person. You want to meet someone and get laid, so why bother focusing on just one when there are so many other options to choose from?

More importantly, not everyone can reply immediately. Don’t be rude or belligerent just because you don’t get an immediate response. Send your message and leave it be. If you get a reply, pursue. Otherwise? Give up and find somebody else.

Tinder is an app of myriad opportunities. Don’t waste your time by moping around and waiting for people who aren’t that into you.

Don’t send a generic greeting.

What’s the best way to get a response? Be different.

So many people send the generic “hi” on Tinder, hoping to get noticed. How would that boring message make you stand out? People get greetings all the time, and if you don’t make an effort, you’ll be just one of those generic ones that get ignored.

Instead, you want to be a little more creative. Make jokes, play puns, introduce yourself in a unique way. This is your shot, so go ahead and be different.

One very good tip to open up the conversation: use a detail you find in the person’s profile to initiate the discussion. Maybe they wrote something about cats and working at the local bookstore. Ask them about their pet or try and engage them with books.

It’s a very good way to show that you’re paying attention, and you are able to break the ice much more easily with a topic that you already know they’re interested in.

Keep it classy.

Yes, you’re looking to get laid. That doesn’t mean you have license to be gross! Don’t send nude pictures, don’t ask for them back, and don’t be too aggressive with the sexual innuendoes.

Always try to gauge the other person’s interest level before going the risqué route. Even if you’re upfront about what you want, or even after you’re sure that the other person is looking to keep things casual, too, there’s really no reason to be crass.

Don’t send a dick pic unless the other person explicitly asks for one. The last thing you want is to be viewed as incredibly desperate. That’s very unattractive, and could ruin your chances.

See, there are many ways to communicate your sexual thoughts without being disgusting. Double entendre is a good old method, but as always you have to be aware of the other person’s tolerance for these jokes as well.

It is better to start slow and work towards more risqué exchanges instead of going all in and risking turning them off.

Get their number.

tinder pick up lines for him and her

While chatting on the app is definitely necessary, make it your goal to get their number as soon as you can. Tinder itself is very useful for creating connections, but you aren’t really moving in the right direction if you can’t get their number for further interaction.

When you get someone’s number, you’re moving away from Tinder talk to actual, potential dating. That’s what you want, and that’s what you need to focus on. Think of it as a step by step approach to getting to a real date.

Ask them out.

You’re not getting laid unless you can seal the deal. If you don’t ask them out, nothing will ever happen. The key here is to be forward and to let them know that you want to take this Tinder match to the real world.

Inasmuch as Tinder is the future of romance, be aware that the same rules of engagement pretty much still apply. You want to be direct but still respectful. Always be mindful of the other person’s feelings.

If you barrel in with your sexual desire right away and the other person isn’t quite ready? You’re looking at disaster. If, however, you take your time and let them grow more comfortable with you, the whole interaction becomes much more enjoyable for all concerned.

We know that it can sometimes feel like nothing is genuine or real on Tinder, because all you see are pictures of strangers. It’s a rolodex of potential. However, remember that these are real people — completely as real as you are.

If you want to have a good time on Tinder, make sure to act like you would when meeting people in real life. Be genuine, be kind, and be respectful. No one wants to date someone who is too singularly focused on sex, and giving off that kind of vibe means you’ll never get laid.

Take your time, be yourself, and follow our helpful tips to have an excellent Tinder experience.

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