12 Signs A Woman Is Attracted To You Sexually

signs a woman is attracted to you sexually

12 Signs A Woman Is Attracted To You Sexually

Navigating the world of dating can be a challenge, especially when it comes to sussing out attraction between sexes. Is she into you? Here are 12 unmistakable signs a woman is attracted to you sexually.

Sitcoms and stand-up comedians have made a killing talking about the differences between men and women. You know that old joke about mysterious and inscrutable women? That’s a comedy classic but nothing could be further from the truth, especially when it comes to attraction.

See, humans are hard-wired to give off these signals of attraction, otherwise the population would have plummeted a long time ago. You can try your best to fake it, but there’s really no masking attraction. It’s in our DNA.

Women, unsurprisingly, will give off these signals of sexual attraction, whether or not they’re fully aware of it. Some of the signals are largely subconscious, but you can pick up on them if you know what to look for.

The key here is to have both knowledge and observation skills. You need to know the signs a woman is attracted to you sexually and you have to have keen observation skills. Otherwise, these signs will pass you by and you won’t be able to make the most of these opportunities.

That being said, you want to see at least half of these signs before you assume that a woman is attracted to you. Cockiness and incorrect assumptions can really turn her off, so maybe don’t make a move before you’re 90% sure that she’s into you.

Ready to move forward? Here are 12 signs a woman is attracted to you sexually. Read on and find out.

She can’t stop looking at you.

signs a woman is attracted to you sexually

You catch her eye — that’s all there is to it. She tries to sneak peeks when she thinks you’re not looking, but she’s not really that discreet.

The thing about attraction is that human beings can’t help but be visual. We look at the things we find beautiful or attractive. If she’s into you, there’s no way she can resist looking at you the minute you walk into a room.

See, women are very much like men. They can’t help but look (sometimes even outright staring) when someone they’re attracted to appears within their vicinity. It’s normal and it’s completely human.

The next time you walk past her cubicle, see if she’ll glance at you. Even better, try to catch her sneaking looks at you while you’re chatting with someone else near her area. The song “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” is a masterpiece and a very informative reminder that attraction often gives of its most obvious signals through the eyes.

She laughs at all your jokes — even the corny ones.

signs a woman is attracted to you sexually laughing

You’re not the funniest guy in your friend group, but she doesn’t seem to care. When you crack jokes, she’s the first to laugh and the loudest one at that. She just seems to find every conversation with you entertaining and uplifting.

A woman who finds you funny is attracted to you, and a woman who’s attracted to you finds you funny. It’s a Moebius strip of humor and attraction, but who cares? The point is that she thinks you’re funny and she wants to be with you, end of story.

This is a little obvious, to be honest, and even your friends will notice. Bonus: some women will give you a friendly punch on the arm or lean on to you when they laugh at your jokes. It’s a combination of signals — she loves your humor and she can’t stop herself from touching you. Now that’s flirting at its finest!

She seeks you out at gatherings.

Now this is a pretty easy one to spot: she’s always trying to hang around you, even when there are other friends around. It’s a pretty obvious clue that she’s into you when she spends all social gatherings trying to be around you.

Do an experiment next time to confirm this. When you’re at a party or any similar gathering, excuse yourself from the group and go greet someone else. If she follows you to that new huddle, you know that she’s definitely attracted to you.

When you’re attracted to someone, you simply can’t help but gravitate towards them. Every opportunity to be with them is crucial, and you don’t want to pass up any chances. A woman who’s attracted to you won’t be able to help but hover near you.

She gets self-conscious when she’s around you.

Does she fix herself up when you’re around? Think of it this way: how do you act when a woman you like comes around?

Of course you want to look your best! That includes fixing your clothes, trying to get the wrinkles out and smoothing it down. You want your hair to look good, so give your locks a quick comb.

Does she check her makeup right before you walk into the area? She’s looking to see if her mascara has run or if she’s got lipstick on her teeth. The last thing she wants is to look stupid in front of you.

She’s always playing with her hair.

As mentioned, girls get a little self-conscious when they’re around someone they like. They start fixing themselves up.

One of the things they tend to do, however, is play with their hair. It’s probably subconscious and they’re not even aware that they’re doing it.

Of course, we’re not saying they’ll be full on braiding their hair in nervousness when you’re around! That’s a little odd, to be honest.

Instead, look out for some hair twirling, tugging, and the ever ubiquitous running of fingers through their locks. We’re not talking about handling stray hairs, because that’s not a sign at all. We’re saying you need to watch out for her playing with her hair and biting her lip — two sure signs that she’s into you.

She flirts back.

A lot of men are worried about getting too flirty with women they’ve just met, because it can appear a little too aggressive or forward. Even when they’re attracted to a woman, they play it safe by going the platonic route. That’s how you end up in the friend zone!

The best thing to do is to test the waters. See if a girl is potentially interested in you by flirting a little. Nothing too sexual at first, just to see if she’s going to flirt back.

What’s interesting is that some women will literally take the first step and make some vaguely sexual comments! Taking the risqué route is literally risky, since they could turn the guy off. However, that’s a good way for women to show that they’re up for something more than friendship.

When that happens, you just have to follow her lead. Don’t blow it!

She’s in your physical space.

Is she standing a little too close to you, even when you’re not in a crowded space? Does she always lean towards you when you’re seated next o each other?

She’s taking up your physical space and she wants to be close. This is a deliberate choice, and she knows what signal she’s sending. After all, a woman who wants to maintain a professional distance will go with a literal physical distance.

Sharing your bubble means she’s attracted, because she wants to be literally closer to you. It’s a very physical suggestion, and one that any man worth his salt should pick up on at the very least. You don’t need a lot more than this signal, to be honest.

She’s always touching you.

We’re not talking about full on sexual touches! That’s not subtle at all, and by that point you probably won’t need anyone to tell you that she’s into you.

However, a woman who likes you can’t help but be physical — even in the tiniest and most innocuous of ways. She’s always tapping you lightly on the shoulder, giving you a friendly nudge, or brushing arms with you.

See, a woman who wants to maintain a friendly but casual relationship won’t be so forward. She’ll stay within her personal space and not stand too close lest she send the wrong signal. She won’t touch you out of the blue, or do things like fix your tie or touch your collar under friendly pretexts.

If she goes out of her way to be in physical contact, you’ve got a pretty strong signal that she’s attracted to you in a sexual way.

She asks your friends and colleagues about you.

We don’t mean this in a stalker kind of way, but a woman who’s into you will have you on her mind constantly. Every time she sees someone you know, she’ll be reminded of you and won’t be able to help bringing you up.

She’ll be hanging around the water cooler and will ask your coworkers about you and your whereabouts. She’ll try to sound casual and nonchalant, but the fact that she’s asking means she’s thinking about you and she’s interested.

To be honest, your friends and colleagues will be the first to pick up her behavior and will probably start teasing you. That’s just how most social circles work, and people may notice what you haven’t.

Feedback from the people around you can be enlightening, so make sure to pay attention to how your fiends and colleagues react when you two are around.

Her body language is very inviting.

Our bodies can say a lot without even speaking, as body language experts can attest. It’s all about what signals we send without having to use words.

In fact, body language can be largely subconsciously driven. She might not realize she’s sending these signals. So, what can and should you look out for?

Her body’s always facing in your direction, even when you’re standing around with a group. She stands close to you, arm brushing against yours. She likes to maintain eye contact, and often smiles coyly when you speak to her.

Watch out for her arms — are they crossed? That means she’s aloof and closed off. A woman who’s into you will lean in towards you, bringing herself closer. These are just some common signs you can find through body language that will let you know if you’ve got a shot.

She lingers when everyone else has left.

Are you guys always the last ones to leave the office? Is she always standing around outside the restaurant while you wait for your Uber?

It’s likely that she’s staying around because she wants to maximize her time with you. Besides, when else will she get some alone time? This is her chance to interact with you one on one.

She’s always the last one to say goodbye, or she likes to walk to the subway station with you before you part ways. Either way, she makes an effort most of your friends wouldn’t. That speaks volumes, and let’s you know she’s interested.

She makes the first move.

Yeah, we know. There’s really not a lot of guess work by the time we get to this point. However, some guys can be dense enough that they don’t realize a girl’s already making the first move.

It sounds like a joke, but it’s not. So many men are unused to having a girl make the first move that they might not realize what’s happening. Say she talks about grabbing lunch together or going out to watch a movie this weekend.

If you’re not aware, you might see this as a friendly overture. Of course, without all the other signs we’ve mentioned earlier, it’s definitely likely that she’s being friendly. However, if she’s already shown a majority of these signs of attraction? That’s her making the first move and she’s asking you out, man.

So now that you’ve seen these 12 signs a woman is attracted to you sexually, you’re better equipped to navigate the complicated world of dating. Just make sure to stay keen, observant, and — most importantly — calm until you’ve made sure that she’s into you.

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