12 Physical Signs Your Wife is Cheating

physical signs your wife is cheating

12 Physical Signs Your Wife is Cheating

Marriage is a bond that requires a lot of tending. When two people decide to live the rest of their lives together it is rather risky to assume that their affections would never stray, because let’s be honest; you are not the same person you were when you began this journey, and neither is your spouse. However if your spouse is in fact not satisfied with your companionship you should not remain in the dark. There are always these minute giveaways and subtle physical signs your wife is cheating on you.

However, there is almost nothing that can justify adultery. A breach of trust of that magnitude is bound to leave a scar in your hearts. But the heart wants what the heart wants and just because you decided to get the government involved and get papers signed it does not assure lifelong fidelity from your partner. A piece of paper does not guarantee exclusivity.

Here Are 12 Telling Signs That Your Suspicion Might Be Justifiable:

  1. Small Ques

When you spend a considerable amount of time with a person you begin to recognize and get comfortable with their behavioral patterns. And even a slight change in their behavior can upset the balance. This is the tiniest que but also the one with large impact. If you feel like something is off about your wife, if you feel like there are changes which only you can understand, do not brush off your instincts. These subtle changes in behavior are usually the first signs of infidelity.

  1. Mirror Mirror

Is your wife spending a lot of time scrutinizing her appearance in front of the mirror? Is she putting an extra effort all of a sudden to look prettier? Is she watching her diet, hitting the gym and also investing efforts in her outfit and makeup choices? If you think your wife is in fact trying to look more enticing but it is not projected at you then it can be a huge red flag. The excitement and vigor of a new affair always leads people to become the best version of them especially physically. A sudden change in appearance for the better may be because your wife is trying to impress the new man in her life.

  1. Total turn off

If your wife is suddenly making up too many excuses to avoid getting intimate with you, then it might be a sign her heart is elsewhere. Do not jump to conclusions though; work, stress, physical ailments can be equally strong reasons to avoid sex. However, it is not possible to prolong lack of intimacy if one is simply trying to make an excuse. Be patient and observe carefully. If your wife is deliberately trying to avoid getting intimate and there is no valid cause for it then it is a matter of worry. In short, if your love making has ceased without warning and legitimate reasons supporting it, then an affair might be quite plausible.

Even an over enthusiastic love making session can be a matter of worry. A sudden affliction towards experimentation could mean an external influence. Remember, cheaters can often try to compensate for their guilt.

  1. Cold shoulder

One of the most potent physical signs your wife is cheating on you is gradual distant behavior. If your presence is a source of constant irritation or displeasure for her and your absence is rather comforting, then it means she has lost interest in you. Even the smallest actions can trigger her to break into spontaneous quarrels or worse, she will fall into persistent silence. If you think your conversations are a series of sighs and pauses, there might be someone else filling in the words. And it should come as no surprise that you are not required for the emotional support. Rather your existence is a hindrance, hence the cold shoulder to your presence.

  1. Fear and paranoia

A person who is being unfaithful or planning to indulge in something scandalous will undoubtedly come across as petrified and paranoid for no reason at all. If your wife is being weird and is getting jumpy too often it means there is guilt playing in her mind. She is afraid of getting caught, and all the nervousness and excitement is causing a surge of adrenaline in her which makes her alert and fearful. To be honest it is very easy to catch. Cheating spouses often behave like lying school children, breaking into cold sweats while retelling their inconsistent stories. If your wife is failing to remain calm, do not prolong the discomfort, talk to her.

  1. No more excuses

It is a well-known fact that if you try to cover up a lie, it follows a series of lies. And when someone is hiding something as personal as an affair from someone who is a constant companion, the lies are bound to fall apart. So if there are cracks in her stories that she is tired of covering and is left with no more excuse, it is better you brace yourself for the worst. Because what will follow might lead to two things, she will confess and break the marriage or she will resort to silence. The later will be more painful in the long run because if there is something worse than a cheating spouse then it has to be apathy.

  1. Too much virtual time

An affair these days begins with text messages. It transits into phone calls and very soon facetime takes its place. So if your wife is spending a lot of her time with her laptop and mobile phone, there is a good chance she is doing so for her new love interest. In this day and age your entire love affair can begin and intensify in the virtual world. People hardly leave real footprints anymore. So be careful if you find your wife choosing her device over you.

  1. Mobile phone obsession

If your wife has developed a sudden keen affinity for her smartphone to the point where it is coming across as obsession then you can start getting worried. Most of our secrets and lives are captured in our smartphones and if your wife is being too protective of her smart phone especially when you are around, there are things she does not want you to see. If she is denying or hesitating to hand her phone to you even in casual context, that’s a red handed catch for you. Furthermore if you find your wife becoming really private with her conversations and hangs up quickly when you are around, you can expect third party interference.

  1. Escaping the escort

If your wife is avoiding your company when going out consistently, then it might be a huge telling sign, because her destination might not support the story she is telling you. She might be leaving to meet her new man. Therefore your accompaniment is only a burden now, so she will avoid it at any cost. If you think she is being evasive or deliberately making excuses to avoid traveling with you, your suspicions of an affair might be accurate. Check if her “girls’ night out” endeavors have suddenly multiplied, because that is one event where you are not expected to accompany her.

  1. All work and no play?

If your wife is spending increasingly longer hours at work it might be a cause of worry for you. Because let us face it, corporate can be brutal but not so much as to detain an employee for extra hours  for days. That is ridiculous and can be a sign of an affair. It is a very classic excuse to get more time with someone else, because work is mostly undebatable. It is an excuse that has worked for years without conviction. If your wife is spending too many hours at work, it is possible it might not be just for business. Also observe if her business tours have suddenly increased, if yes, then it might be an office affair which is very common these days.

  1. Financial crisis

Let us be honest for a second. Affairs are not easy on the pocket. An extra marital affair is even more expensive to sustain. If you find your wife is struggling to make ends meet, then it can be due to the expensive hotel suits and restaurants that are causing a dent in her pocket. Extra marital affairs are one of the reasons hotels make such hefty profits. Couples just occupy rooms at the night and rush out in the morning. So keep a check on the financial statements to get a better hint. Also if your wife is sporting new stuff that she suddenly felt like buying during “window shopping” it can be gifts from her new partner. Expenses are meted out both ways after all.

  1. Take a deep breath

You know how your spouse smells. Every person has a distinct fragrance that sets him or her apart in our memories especially if they are our spouses. So if you are unsure whether your wife is cheating on you, take a deep breath and inhale the scent you have learnt to recognize over time. If there is something off there, then it is a problem. If there is a hint of unrecognizable cologne, then she might have been in close company of a man. However, cheaters are smart. Your wife may enter straight into the shower after a “long day at work” to try and eliminate the unwanted scent. But that simply constitutes to another telling sign. Try and instigate intimacy before the shower and observe the reaction, if she is a little too angry then there is something she is hiding. Smells fishy? Again, do not ignore your instincts.


The telling signs might be quite strong but they are all circumstantial. Your doubts can be absolutely baseless, and any physical sign you assume as indication of adultery, try and be really sure, because there can always be other explanations for inconsistent behavior.

No matter the signs, a doubt can ruin strong relationships. So it is advisable to rely on communication rather than telling signs when it comes to something as crucial as this. Marriage is a very delicately balanced bond where the foundation is solely constructed on mutual trust and affection. Therefore before you take any serious step or decide to investigate further, it is strongly advised to give your spouse the opportunity to come clean. You never know, there can always be reasons you cannot even comprehend. Put some faith in your choice and have a heart to heart because even if your suspicion has a foundation, the loss will not hurt any less.

Furthermore some people resort to professional help in order to investigate their partner’s activities. But ask yourself if it is in fact worth it. If you do not trust your partner anymore and are not comfortable with talking to her about your predicament then is that relationship worth sustaining? Professional help should be the last option and should be used when required by legal procedures. A flimsy doubt or a wild imagination should not result in such deep mistrust.

But lastly remember your worth. If you are reading this article it means the seeds of doubts have already sprouted in your mind. And it is never healthy to blindly believe every shifty tale your spouse tries to carry off as truth. You should be alert and aware. Being cheated on is not a good feeling and it can lead you to feel worthless. But do not ever lose your self-respect. If you are being made a fool of, stand up against it and face the situation, because every couple deserves a healthy relationship where both feel secured and satisfied. If you do not feel the same way, singlehood awaits you with open arms. It is never too bad to date yourself until the right one comes along.

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